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Change the Background. Art

Dear Steemians

In this sophisticated era we can make photos look good be a good deal less by leveraging application for editing photos. One of the applications that are very popular among designers is Adobe Photoshop. You can replace the background that you want by using Adobe Photoshop.

mandi di atas awan.jpg

There have been many innovations made by photoshop so that removing the many versions, and of course the more growing days of CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 until. Many photoshop tutorials are scattered across the internet, from A to z. Engineering there is one of the simplest techniques and we are confident it can be done by a newbie though, that change the color of the background photo. Because with just a few steps back can background color change colors, refer to the steps below.

First, prepare in advance an application photoshopnya, our examples here use photoshop CS6, but calm when you use photoshop using different versions. Because basically the features and how to use not much different.

Open the photoshop application and select the photos you want to edit. Do I select file (top left corner) and open the image, or you can press the Ctrl + O.

After photos at insert into photoshop, and then press Ctrl + J to Duplicate the layer, or right click on the layers and then choose Duplicate layer. You can see on youtube how it goes.

process :




actually it is very easy to replace the background, your selection of first photo at the background of the photo and so on you guys replace the background with other photos that you want to edit. and corresponding effects in order to blend with the next photo, so I do edit the photo above. actually very easy. and you guys will quickly understand if you guys really follow the edit.

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Kok saya cenderung lebih suka langit dan kebiruannya sebelum ditambah foto kawanan burung dan menjadi sephia. Feels more heavenly... Yah, cuma pendapat aja sih. Great job, mastah! :)