#49 the results of the edit Application Piscart. Art

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the results of the edit Application Piscart. Art

Dear Steemians.

Good evening all, tonight I want to share some photos of the results of the edit from piscart application, the application is capable of incredible photo manipulation with very perfect, in fact I have never used this app to do the edit, but It feels like to try to learn how to use the piscart application.

I want to explain a little bit what's the meaning of piscart applications, this application is the application photo retouch and draw with a selection of effects that are very much, this application can also combine the two applications into one application like photoshop.


I do not know very well what a lack of applications, if the difference with Photoshop is obviously far superior to Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt-Estudio tools multimedia Edition thank you where we will be able to modify the poto we are in many ways the different: applying a mask, make a collage, make frames and ledges, add stickers, write the text, rotate the image, adjust color and much more.

Magic effects deserve special mention of where we will be able to make something by simply touching, very similar to the filter on Instagram. We will have different options that will allow us to create the impression that really different to poto we are within a few minutes.

Below some pictures of the results of the edit piscart :









It's still an awful lot of you can do to work, with the work you guys can enjoy life and you guys can also learn to edit with Adobe Photoshop, the application Piscart I myself have never used it. Maybe in this week I want to learn about this application and I will share to you all how to edit using the application Piscart

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Beukah-beukah abah poto nyan bit

Angkeh nyan bro. Beukah lagak.😂

Cukoep bereh, le that lagoet resleting kali nyoe?😅

Hahhahahaa. Betoi kak. Thanks kak. Kunjungannya. 🙏👍

Berkualitas that ka

Haha. Peu tgeh ka nnton bola nyeh. Kakalen messi moe peu ?😁😂😂