Crystal shards

in art •  7 months ago

Crystal shards.png

My first crack at a proper crystal shard, set in moody atmospheric fog. I was going for fantasy magic crystals floating in the air with some kind of floating lights around. It worked, but boy did it take forever to render. It doesn't look like it but I remember it was something like 3 hours. Sure am glad Principled Volume is coming along now finally haha.

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Very nice! did you create the crystals themselves from scratch or by a base image? What softare did you use by the way that took so long to render?


Thank you! For the life of me I can't remember how I modeled them lol it was a bit of a while ago. I think I started with a cube with quad polygons and pulled it around until it looked like this (those three crystals are copies of each other twisted around hehe). I used Blender! and I had to be fancy with both the glassy transmissive shader with dispersion effect and the textured fog. All of those take forever to render though things have gotten a bit better lately. Seriously the fog makes it go from a render that takes like 15 minutes to 2 hours or something, and even then it can be noisy. I just wanted it there though, definitely not recommended if you wanna make animations.

That's cool... You're doing awesome


Thank you!

If you put color on it, they look like the gems of the infinite hahaha, brother that great illustration, I really see your effort, congratulations.


Thank you!

Nice lighting effect. I really like it. ☺️