Underwater Lotus - Finished Painting & Details

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"Like the lotus flower born from the mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful experiences of our lives." ~ Debbie Ford

The lotus flower is a spiritual symbol of the transformation from darkness to light. Where there is no mud, there is no lotus that can blossom.


Hello artlovers, here is the finished painting of Underwater Lotus.
The golden frame is a perfect fit for this painting.

As a medium I use acrylic paints, spray paint and airbrush for my paintings.
The mix of different media creates a unique atmospheric effect of fantastic worlds.

The moon was done with gold leaf and the ground was painted with stone texture paste and gold color.

Theme: Underwater Lotus
Style: Atmospheric Fantasy Art, Spiritual Art
Material: Acrylic paints, texture paste, gold leaf
Painting ground: canvas board
Size: 30x40 cm (12x16 inch)









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Hi @terra.somnia.art, it is nice to see your works and I like the way you created the picture using texture paste and acrylic paints. There is a community who appreciate good Artworks called @NTopaz if you have interest just look in the latest post

Also is you use such tags as #ocd-resteem, #c-squared then you may get more visibility

Good luck!

Thank you, I will have a look!

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