Experiments with watercolors and illustration.

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I've been away from Steemit for a bit while catching up on some things in life away from the computer, but I'm back now with some artwork to share and I promise to post some new photography, travel, and music content soon! :)

I've recently been trying my hand at watercolors and and cleaner ink illustrations. I'll be posting several of the pieces I've done over the next few weeks. This is a completely new style for me and I'm still very much in the experimental phase, but I was really happy with how this one turned out. I started with a light pencil sketch on watercolor paper, then perfected and finalized the outline using sharpie. I used watercolor pencils for the color on this one, I just bought some watercolors in tubes that I will hopefully start experimenting with this week...I do find them a bit more intimidating than the pencils though!





My husband suggested I make T-shirts of this design, so I've opened a couple shops online. I'll be featuring all types of art projects eventually, not just my watercolors. You can check out what I have listed so far in my CafePress Shop and RedBubble Shop. Here are a few samples of the type of products available in the shops:


Screenshot (211).png

Screenshot (210).png

What do you think? I'm looking for inspiration for designs to try next, is there anything you've been wanting to see on a shirt or household item? Let me know in the comments!

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🙋Hello sir, your 📮post is 👍good
🙏Please 👀see my profile


thank you!

Very beautiful design! Could definitely see this as a print on a T-shirt with like ''Vegan'' above it ;)
I really like it!


Thanks! And we were already thinking about trying to sell them in some of the organic and vegan shops in Athens :)


Ooh very nice! that sounds like a very good idea :)

Really nice :D Love the colourful gradiently carrots <3 And the lineart is so nice and clean * ___ *