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Best regards!

@TeamMoney brings you today a very characteristic drawing and made with the greatest of loves.

The illustration of the most important woman in my life, my mother. A beautiful woman, characterized by her splendid smile. The drawing was made as a gift to thank her for her unconditional love, her patience, her company, careful love, dedication and everything she does for me.

The illustration features a variety of colors, highlighting pink and purple. The silhouette of my mother's face has a light cinnamon color, pink lips, hair between chestnut and copper with the resemblance of several gray hairs (as a reflection of her years of experience or as she would say her martyrdom). Striped shirt and vest, plus a background full of watermelons highlighting the pink and purple color.


• Size: 729 x 519.
• Item Type: JPEG Image.
• Program: adobe illustrator draw.
• Duration: 2 days of completion.


Sketch of the illustration, based on fine lines that serve as a guide to carry out the realization of the drawing.

Distribution of skin color, made with different skin tones, which serve to give light and achieve the greatest possible realism.

Performing the eyebrows with a black color in their 80% hue, also painted the lestes and lips in a pink tone.

Basic part, I only implore the coverage of the clothing, with the mixture of blue and gray tones for the vest and white and bluish gray for the shirt. For the realization of this type of work it is important to know how to use color mixing, since it is what gives realism to the illustration.

Realization of the hair, mixture of a black, brown and brick color, to give illumination to the tone of the hair that has a dark base.

Finishing the illustration, making a colorful background with sandias and a mixture of colors between pink and purple


In advance I thank you for taking part of your time to see this publication. @TEAMMONEY invites you to join this space full of color and if you are interested in a totally personalized design you can contact me through:

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