My Vector Portrait #2

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Hi Steemians... back to me @teafp. Today I making Second Vector Portrait. I make it about 3 Days ago. Im using Adobe Illustrator, its my favourite software for making vector portrait. I need about 1-2 days to make this. I make it only when I have free time because I am still in school and I have a lot of homework to do.

She is my classmate.

Name : Eka Rosdiana
She’s is kind and smart girl.
Steemit : @Ekaros
Go follow her. She are new member in SteemIt.

So here it goes, my result:

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Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for dropping by. See you on next post!


Nice work! I like it.

Heheee.... Thanks @trincowski

good job, Boy. She is your girl friend?:-D

Sapa sapa girlfriend ku :v
Kaya ana sing gelem lah hahahahaaa

Jangan minder gitu Boy, you punya skill, dan itu bisa memikat banyak Cowok.. :-D

Cowok bangg......

Buahahahahahhahahahakkkkkkkk.......... iyaa hahaha

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @artzone. Follow @artzone and get added to our voting list for valuable up-votes!

The new girl in steemit
Can't be more than sixteen
And she's got a way of makin'
A boy act like a clown

We don't know what to do
'Bout the next girl in town
The new girl in town
Seems to dance on air

Bidadari tanpa sayap

trus... mana boyfriend-nya? :D

Gw aja :v
Ehh ntar cwenya ngga mau