Sincere girl @tiamaria

in art •  11 months ago

I love sincere people. So I want to dedicate my today's work to the cute girl @tiamaria. I like your sincere drawings and honest thoughts. If you ever feel sad, remember - you are beautiful, you will be all right!

You associate me with the image of a romantic girl of past centuries. I hope you will like this image)


Song for a romantic mood)

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Sincerity is one of the best personality traits.


Thank you, I agree with you absolutely!

Amazing post honey :)


Thank you very much:)

Tiamaria is very sincere. It was nice of you to do this and I'll make sure she sees it. Good work, thanks!


Thank you for support and kind words! I really appreciate it!

Awwwww :D thank you so much!


Thank you) I hope this pleased you a little)


It really does :) plus she kinda look like me