Draw a Big Motorbike Vector Using the Android Application

in #art2 years ago

Good weekend friends, how are you all, I hope the good news comes from all my friends. Today I will again greet my old friend I left behind, but I am still back with the drawing world, here I draw with an application drawing on Android, this application is one of the online applications that can be used on the PC and on Android. with complete available features makes it easy for artists to release their inspiration.

this time I tried to draw a motorcycle exactly Motor Gede which is currently trending in the community. and I tried drawing it in vector form.

Here are some pictures that I have screenshot

by inserting a picture of the original train we can make it into a vector

the front of the motorbike image

the back of the motor in the picture

the side of the big motorbike

So some pictures from the Android application, thank you, I hope you like it, I hope you can help all my friends, the end of the word I say thank you, happy useful . @taktoys

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