Transformation Fractal Art

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Hello Steemians,

I have recently been playing with my fractal programs again. I hadn't actually even opened it since before we moved, but last weekend saw me feeling more than a little bit frustrated with my usual tools. So that has always been a perfect time for me to switch things up and go about creating art in different ways. I think sometimes we get stuck in a rut and it takes different tools or mediums to shake us out of it.

I am going to put a disclaimer in here, I am not a mathematician, I do not calculate my formulas, nor to I pay any attention to calculating iterations, or trap variations. I am a very right brained individual, I simply slide the dials until I get the desired results. Purists can feel free to deride me in the comments 0.o

I like playing with gradients and traps. The seemingly random yet symmetrically balanced patterns appeal to my inner Virgo very much. I also like to take the raw fractals and use them in Photoshop as a basis for creating complete works.

Like this one, titled Transformation. Created using Ultra Fractal 5 and Photoshop CS4.
Transformation Fantasy Art sample.jpg
I've already added a few of my most recent pieces to my Zazzle shops as posters and Gallery wrapped canvas prints. I will leave the links down below if anyone would like to take a look =D

If y'all like these kinds of posts and you would be interested in seeing more of my artwork, please let me know in the comments. I like to share my work, but I never want to seem "spammy" with it either. It's always a fine line we walk with blogging. LOL

As always, until next time, be nice to each other.♥

My links;


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That is a thing of beauty!

OMG, love this. So beautiful. Resteemed ya <3


Thank you dear =)