Coloring Book PDFs in my Etsy shop!!

in art •  6 months ago

For a very limited time, my Etsy shop has been reopened. I will not be adding any new listings, but if anyone would like to pick up PDF copies of those books and pages that are currently in the shop for up to $5 off hard copy prices, now would be a great time to get them. This offer is only good until August 1st. Then I will be closing The Granite Zebra for good to concentrate on Ivy and Bat. My books will remain in print at major online retailers, but I will be removing the PDFs at Etsy and Gumroad then. Thank you all for a wonderful 2 years, I appreciate all of my customers and all of the wonderful friends I have made in the coloring community, you all are the BEST!!

The Giant Book of Fantasy Grayscale Coloring Book by Tabz Jones  promo01.jpg
The Renaissance Masters Grayscale Coloring Book promo1.jpg

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