Pencil Sketch Art

in art •  2 years ago 

I present an amazing pencil art for all my steemit friends. This is a perfect example of pencil art drawing.


I hope all are enjoy it.

Thank u for visit my post.Please upvote and follow me.

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I found same drawing on insta ?
Are you sure this is your's ?🤔

Hold on a second, you drew that? 😱
Damn you good!

Yes i draw .

very beautiful drawing! sweetflower

Thank u

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Nice drawing- the cats eyes look good


so sweet


Thank u

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Awesome post.

Nice picture.

You posted someone elses work as your own here:

Posting another persons work and claiming it as your own is plagiarism. If you are deliberately posting images that are hard to reverse search as your own work it shows that you intend to post abuse.

!cheetah ban

Okay, I have banned @sweetflower.