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Story time Steemit! When I was around 5 years old, my family moved from one suburb of Minneapolis to a different and slightly larger suburb of Minneapolis. Even as a youngster I was particularly social, preferring to stay inside drawing and watching movies. The local video store became a weekly pilgrimage for my family, racking up over 300 rentals in our first year. They also had a bin near the door where you coudn buy the promotional movie posters they recieved for a dollar. That is probably when I first fell for the art of the movie poster. I clearly remember the posters for Hook and the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy gracing my walls decades before I would ever hear the name Drew Struzan, let alone live in an apartment overly stuffed with his work once I reached adulthood.

Since then photoshop nearly destroyed the art of the movie poster, only to lead to a resurgence from art house cinemas and drafthouses in the form of speciality posters for screenings and art shows. The Alternative Movie Poster. A quick search of the term will lead to a bevy of amazing work by some of the best artists and illustrators alive today.

Below are some of the pieces I’ve been lucky enough to get a crack at. Some where for the Uptown Theatre here in Minneapolis, as well as a few private commissions. I hope y’all enjoy em! And here’s to hoping I get to do more in the future!












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wow, adam, these are really great <3 i love them ! amazing alternative movie posters !!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much. They are quite near the top of the list of stuff I like to do :)

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