Work title: Princess

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Hello there, guys!

I would like to show yaal, a little bit of work in progress that I started recently.







Ever since I started working on the first painting- the prince, I had the idea of making a female version of that character. Made a couple of sketches on paper, even had a couple of models to use as a reference, and I'm really happy to finally get to work on that concept.
It's pretty fun working with hard brushes, adds a completely different feeling to the work.
Still working on the story for it, she'll be related to the "Prince" , probably the crueler counterpart.

Prince small.png

Tools used: 2b graphite pencil; 300g 4A paper; Photoshop &Wacom Intuos small

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ancient one Gray2.jpg

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Hi Nikolay, very impressive work and such amazing details, thank you for taking the pictures closer that it is better to recognize them :)

Thank you very much! :))

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thank you very much!