The Generals in the Pepe army

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Herro there!
How are ya doing today?
A couple of days ago, fellow streamers were in my chat, Tony Rumble and @ericwilson and we were talking about the Pepe culture, and I've got the idea of immortalizing them into one of many unique Pepes. So I started painting, using the simple shape of the Pepes, just carving the values in, applying textures, color. coming up with an interesting background that describes the character of the person in a way.


This day i was painting for 13 hours, and having this as a distraction was a good break from the painting that I working on.
So here they are, soon I will paint another one, seems like people like them :))) so... why not :P

Pepe Eric.jpg

Pepe Rumble.png

Tools used: Photoshop CC2018 & Wacom intuos pen small

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