"Icon of the inquisition" Original artwork

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"Icon of the inquisition"

Since she was created, she was not a fighter nor a warrior. She was a product of fine craftsmanship, forged, to be the jewel on the crown of the empire.
Yet the noble ways were not hers to walk on. Not that she didn't like that way, but she knew... She knew that politics is a play of cloak and dagger and she was the dagger in her brother's hand, the emperor's hand.


I don't have what else to add when it comes to workflow, so here are the details :P






A few months ago I was introduced to NFT showroom by @ericwilson, he dragged me into a discord call on a show called the @msp-waves. long story short, Now you can buy my work only here or you can click the image image.png

Tools used: Wacom Intuos pen small & photoshop cc2018

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