"Digital Ghosts" Original artwork

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Hello there!
How are ya doing this fine day? image.png

Welp, I've finished the painting a few days ago, but had too much work. I could not upload it earlier. Sorry about that. There's a bit more work. The last 1% Is the hardest... Always! I need to tweak the values here and there. But this will happen when the holidays come! I spent more than four months on it, and I need a break from the piece.
I've taken my time to texture, and tweak the gradient maps. Quite happy with the result, I've learned a lot from it. I feel like I'm working a lot quicker now.

Upgrade copy2.png

I've spent a lot of time on the metal bodies, so here's an update without the ghosts insight :)) At the moment I'm working on another painting, using the same technique for the patterns on the body, deep cuts and smooth transitions between them and the edges. My teacher gave me an advice to work on my female body sex appeal, I totally agree with him, at the same time I want to keep the natural shapes of it, Trying not to exaggerate certain shapes, you know what I mean. I guess there will be more work on the poses that the characters take on the canvas, the angles that I'll take maybe will change too...


Here are the grayscale image and some images of the details on the piece :)


I was thinking about painting something like a tree made out of cables. You can see where this comes from but when I started doing the top part of it, it kind of started merging with the floating hair of the ghosts, so I decided to keep them as cables.





Tools used: Wacom intuos pen small & Photoshop cc2018

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