"Vulpes lagopus" Original artwork

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Hello there!
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Those who've seen my works before know that I take my time with details and overall look, also I rarely take commissions, but this time is different. The artwork that I'm presenting to you is a commission from a friend of mine, This is going to be turned into a Tattoo. for this arctic fox, I spend a little bit more than 8 hours plus the reference collecting. I used symmetry tool for most of the time, just the basic soft round brush with black and white selected on the palette. Normally, I need more than a week to finish a piece, around 2 months...


This piece, however, was built already, I just had to capture a feeling, my client asked for badass arctic fox... Say no more was my reply. I thinking about his request for a couple of weeks, how to make it while working on the Mermaid, my personal project in progress at the moment.
I streamed the whole thing, and for most of my friends is unusual to see me make a painting in one sitting. For me it's a true level up, so... I don't know what else to add, if you have questions, feel free to ask!


I could not stop myself from playing with some adjustment layers and gradient maps, this is the result. And here is the work without the smoke and snowflakes


Have a great day!

Tools used: Wacom intuos pen small & Photoshop cc2018

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Awesome art pieces, I am glad that @fieryfootprints nominated this post to my latest upvote giveaway. I am happy to support it :)

Thank you both very much! That's really fucking cool! I really appreciate it!

this is excellent! Thankyou for sharing it in the Talent Showcase : ) Post us a picture of the final tattoo if you get a chance, we would love to see it!

Will definitely do! Thank you very much!