Legion Commander! - My Original ART (Pencil & Guache)

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Hi Steemians!

Until you have a rest after SteemFest, I want to introduce to you my last art - Legion Commander

Sometimes I play a PC game - Dota 2 with @sompitonov and @vi1son :)
During the creation of the design for the game and the characters are professional artists and writers make a hard work! Everythink looks fine, and its inspires me...

Who is a Legion Commander?
Short description: ...Its a woman-warrior, with strong character. She have no fear. She ready to die for win...

Making of a art

Here some photos during drawing process (Im sorry for a bad quality)


With a first colors... (Looks very simple here? Yeah? :) )
But after some hours of HARD work we get something like that:

I really love to draw details! Her head was drawing more that 2 hours!

Sketch as always I drew by only one pencil (KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH 1500 2B) + 12 colors guache.

Thanks for all who enter into my post. Good luck for all of you, guys, and sorry for my English.

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Awesome legion commander!

Well done Ruslan!

P.S. check your messages on steemit.chat please! :-)

Thank you for sharing. This is a very powerful piece.