Another Rainy Saturday so decided to make a PiccysteemCreated with Sketch.

in #art3 years ago (edited)

man and fish.jpg

  • Lot's of things to write but I'm trying to avoid doing that as it is serious stuff and I think I would rather paint the undersides of my feet yellow and float upside down in custard.

There is a fish because it is raining outside. It's rained a lot so that's a porthole I'm looking out of. Lot's of things insiide my head going on. Voices from different directions vying for my attention and it is getting a bit wearing.

Haven't got a name for the picture yet....

....any suggestions?

No clue, maybe 2d man visits 3D land? A lot of cool effects I like the vector and bitmap mishmash. !tip 1

Thanks a lot for the tip !

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