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Stripped of all facades,

I can see you,

and yet,

You are so very far.....

yearning for your ROOTS

yearning for YOUR roots

yearning FOR your roots

YEARNING for your roots

Full Steem Ahead!

ps, I added a little color via photoshop, hope you guys like.

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awesome , always brillant @streetstyle thanks for sharing

Beautiful artwork Sir @streetstyle I am still waiting for an inspiration to paint digitally.

Thanks @cryptopie On this one I did a charcoal pencil and q tip, then I colored it on the computer with photoshop. Thanks for the kind words.

Very exquisite art as well as the poetry. Thanks for sharing @streetstyle.
You're really talented

Thanks for the support and kind word @robertandrew

  ·  last year (edited)

Interesting words and great drawing you would thinking to create more content about this topics. Regards

Saludos amigo @streetstyle, de verdad ya extrañaba el buen funcionamiento de Steemit y como dices por más que uno quiera no podemos alejarnos de nuestras Raices, ya que las tenemos presentes al 100%. Este arte y el trabajo realizado con el photoshop te quedó excelente

muy bonita la ramificación del á[email protected],dibuja una forma abstracta yo he visto uno con forma de mujer,y su escrito muy de poeta,saludos y gracias por su apoyosaludos

Hello @streetstyle, I look at this tree and I think about those occasions that we cling to our dreams, those roots look very strong .

buen dia @streetstyle,le deseo un feliz fin de semana y gracias de corazón por su aporte,Dios le multiplique su bondad.

Gracias @petrarodriguez Si le puedo sugerir.... use los Steem or Steem Dollars (SBD) si necesita dinero... pero guarde su Steem Power. Steem power es como su cuenta de ahorros, y entre mas tenga, mas valioso es su vote. Suerte y buen dia.

Beautiful colors and good design

The higher the tree stretches toward the sun, the deeper the roots go into the earth that supports it. Thank you for sharing

  ·  last year (edited)

Good drawing and nice poerty! Great job!

Great drawing, there is a lot of sense in it, you can talk about it without a reason, because the roots have all living things...

All your drawings are well received, you have talented people in your family, this means good roots

Roots - the basis of all the basics. You got an excellent message. Thanks

friend i'm very good photoshop really looks more colors i like your art god bless you

You are so creative and talent... Good job, have a good day

the trees represent that inner strength that we have to achieve our dreams, we must be strong like them.

Beautiful work along with some nice poetry it added the charm to it perfect artist you are :D

buenas [email protected],aqui para saludar y agradecer lo que ha hecho por mi con su ayuda,la plataforma esta restringida y por eso me veo un poco afectada en votos,comentarios y publicaciones lo cual me han bajado los pocos ingresos que generaba,espero seguir contando con su aporte el cual me ha resuelto un poco la vida,miles bendiciones para usted y feliz tarde,hasta pronto

mi visita para saludarlo ,que pase una buena noche.

We will move forward. My regards, friend.

This looks very good, I congratulate you, the roots look big and solid, that's why we should never forget our roots.

The great writing, greetings from venezuela!

fantastic art.
greetings @streetstyle

Never forget your roots

Ya, it looks now alive and fresh.

Very beautiful art. Your post was very amazing. Very well written. The post was funny. Because you wrote, Yearning for you root.

Very good. Its far. But strong . Because roots always remains strong for better development

Heart touching.
I am sure you are watching for some one. Great words.

Roots are looks strong.
This is such a great writing
For me this is inspirational and i love this. Great one.

When we are born, the process of our roots begins, the place where we are born, there begins its growth and throughout our lives they become strong like that of your image.

I admire good creativity, you did a great job!

Congrays. Roots are stronger and looking big. So good thoughts