My portrait of Morgan for @jamielefay 's #bringaheeytolife contest !

in art •  3 years ago  (edited)

I have created a submission for @jamielefay 's contest! Though it would make natural sense for me to try my hand at drawing Sky (as I love drawing warrior types), I was intrigued by Morgan. I wanted to be sure to capture her long curly hair, big eyes, and freckles, but I also wanted to capture someone strong but soft, confident but still vulnerable, and young but not a child. Here's my stab at her along with a few process shots showing scale.

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Very beautifull creion drawing @storyseeker!


Beautiful, this is the Morgan that Ahe'ey deserves. @Jamielefay you must be so happy with this entry.

Takes my breath away :)

I love her.

thank you!

Exceptional and completely aligned with the spirit and tone of Ahe'ey. I adore your work @storyseeker. I'm delighted to meet Morgan today. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! J.

oh thanks so much!! I'm glad you like her :) I tend to get obsessed with hair, so she was a fun choice in that regard.

That hair is perfect, and that is an understatement :)

wow very good

thanks so much !

Gorgeous work!!

love the line-work especially

thank you!