Comandant Mark / Wolf from Ontario

in art •  last year

  • Italian Comic book premiered in 1966, made by trio from Torino, called EsseGesse

The comic work, takes place during the American Independence War of 1975-1981 in the Ontario Lake area, mainly in Michigan state. Due to which the major protagonists from the comic book had the name "Wolves from Ontario".

The main character, Mark, after the death of his parents, was rescued by Indians, along with a foreign man, who raised him as his son.

He joined the War of Independence and soon became Commander in Ontario. His best friends are his first deputy. The Sad Owl a Indian and Salaso. They are constantly followed by a faithful dog Floki. Which they call the flea sack.

Back in 1988 it was a darn good comic for me. And Still is... I loved to reed them as a kid. And I tought that I will share with you guyz one of greatest EU comics of all time.

Tanks for reading, and steemit later...

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