A Rose By Another Name

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This particular piece is very different than what I am used to. It is also very different than the conventional paints one might be used to. The paint used is called Pebēo. It is a thick and glossy substance that is made primarily to apply on glass. Of course I had to test the limits to what this medium is capable of.

One of our art festivals is comprised of multiple art related fields, such as dance, music, or film. Another one of these fields is Science. It was an effort of mine to reinforce S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) into the neighborhood of the sciences. However, the letter "A" is attempting to introduce "architecture" rather than simply "art". Nonetheless, art is still at the basis of all fields in my opinion and will continue to stand out as such. Sciencefest was the particular area I exhibited various pieces of art, with a scientific twist.

Within the geometric rose display is a pattern. The design was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. I demonstrated how a spiral form can be found in just about anything in nature.


I also wanted to add to the mathematical effect of including the geometric triangles. The sequence of the transition in size captures the Fibonacci pattern. Fibonacci is named after an Italian mathematician that found a sequence of numbers that can be used to measure a spiral. An actual explanation is much more fascinating, however for the sake of this post, let's stay on topic of art in science. Anytime you can include some educational aspect in art, it's a win. The intention was to familiarize the masses, especially the youth, with the awareness that the natural state of science contains an artistic design.


It is near impossible to recapture the true state of what this piece looks like in person. It gave the misconception that it was made entirely out of tiles similar to porcelain, due to the unique Pebēo paint. This paint also displayed various kinds of texture within its depth and thickness. Merely using foam board, I sketched in the design with a compass and ruler, then outlined it with a putty to allow for a boarder so that I could apply a certain thickness. Either a thin or thick layer still gives way to a glossy finish. Perhaps if I find more images from the Sciencefest and the other examples I exhibited, I can further explain the wonder of Fibonacci, in art.

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