Curves and Lines for Simple Royal Mask | SteemPH-Cebu's 3rd Art Guide

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It's not Art when it's complicated, make it simple!

How difficult drawing is?

If you are an artist, drawing has been your longest passion ever since. You draw when you're happy, sad or just literally nothing to do. But how difficult really a drawing is?

A lot of people really struggle in drawing like as much as absorbing numbers in Mathematics. You will be considered as blessed enough if you can draw even just a flying bird in the mountain. Art is indeed difficult, for some reasons. Definitely, when you wanted a perfect piece or output, there are rules and guidelines for you to follow. But when you follow those rules, art would be meaningless for it is built; not to be perfected.

"All GOOD ART is POWERFUL and SIMPLE." - Sallinen

For the Third Art Guide...

 "Simple Royal Mask"

Materials needed are...

  • bondpaper
  • pencil
  • MyGel Ballpen

How It Was Done...

The drawing will just need a division for eyes, but you can have the whole face if you want to.

Next thing to do is to draw the curves and have fun.

Try to mirror what you did, but give a little bit drama on the right side.

And then, use your pen and fill some areas with straight and curvy lines.

And it's 100% done!

 So basically, the main steps for this piece are:
1. Create an outline and guide.
2. Mark it with pen! 

It's time to bring back the passion you've once lost! 

 Each week, SteemPh-Cebu will make an Art Guide ( step by step drawing, sketching, painting etc). This is to inspire all Steemians, especially the Cebuanos, to create and share their passion on art. The Weekly Art Guide's main objectives are:

  • Give an inspiration to all aspiring Steemian artists.
  • Develop and enhance all individual's drawing / sketching / painting skills.
  • Discover somebody's potential.
  • Show how a piece is done in the simplest way.
  • Give an excitement such as drawing contests etc.

 "Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picaso 

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 About the Author
@mikekenlytungal is one of the core leaders of @steemph.cebu. He is an aspiring artist and writer with high hopes and dreams in life. “Steemit is a game changer and life inspirer” is his motto in Steemit platform.  

well done! thanks for the tips!

"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picaso

this is amazing great work

Very nice and complete explanation! It would be interesting to see your artwork as tattoos :D... Have you thought about it?

I like to learn how to draw. I used to draw when I am still in grade school. I hope It's not to late to learn drawing at my age. Looking forward to your art guide and step by step post.