Water buffalo drawing

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@fronttowardenemy had seen a post of mine that had a crocodile in a similar style and commissioned a water buffalo in the same. Wanted to post it because I rather enjoyed working on it and think it came out well.

The more I draw the more I try to simplify which is often very hard for me because I love the details. Its an odd mix because I love both styles of work, simple and detailed. I learn a lot about what is important in a picture when I start to strip things away and for me I also learn where I can sort of be covering things up with detail.

Black and white line work is probably my personal favorite style mostly because of my love of comic books as a kid and the simplicity of it. This picture makes me want to draw a more detailed one because of all the reference I was looking at. They are cool looking animals!


This is so badass! Thank you!

Wow, this is beautiful, I saw you on twitter but never knew you were an artist too, keep up the good work.

Very expressive, maybe even more with less details. Great job!!!

Really loving it!!

Thanks for stopping by to check it out.

So creative as usual. Upvoted!

Suggestion: It would be great if you could give simple drawing lessons. I am sure they would be very popular and that you would be rewarded very well too ;)

I have thought about some lessons so I will keep that in mind :) thanks for taking the time to check out my post, I appreciate that.

Skilled pens and fine art :)

Thats awesome!! Next should maybe be a bull to indicate where the Crypto Market is about to go! ;)

I don't particularly enjoy the stark black and white comic books, which is kind of amusing as I really do like the postive/negative space type stuff like this XD Buffalo looks awesome.