Digital ink and watercolor

in art •  10 months ago


Wanted to mess around some with the watercolor feature in Corel Painter. It really can cause some lag is one thing I learned but I think it looks pretty cool. All the cold weather coming made me want to make it warm colors!

So many different brushes and I usually only use a couple of them so was good practice to try and broaden my range with them. If you are into digital art at all I suggest downloading the free 30 day trial of Corel Painter 2018 and messing around with all the brushes, there are some great ones.


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That is a nice mix of virtual art media. I look forward to the day when there is almost no difference between creating with real world media and digital.

Damn this is pretty cool... did you like the way the watercolor worked? was it hard to get it to come out, or did they do a nice job? i'm a Photoshop nerd, but if corel is doing cool things with simulated mediums in digital thats dope... worth the download?


Oh I love the way it works...its worth the download for sure I have had different versions for over 10 years and love it. You can really create some great effects with it.


ok shit if u recommend than i will check it out for sure... thanks for the tip

Such talent!

love it!

Good job. Except eyes :)

Absolutley amazing 😍!!!

So much lag with the watercolor! Do you know why that is, specifically?

The sites that The Wife uses to sell her work demand high resolution images of 12,000 to 20,000 pixels, and she likes working in watercolor - so we had to track down a more powerful computer with a decent graphics chip just for that. Even so, it can take a couple of seconds to render each brushstroke.

All the other media render in real time.


Yes that's sort of exactly what happens. At high rez with a large brush size in Corel it can lag behind by like a second because it is sort of calculating the "effect" that is applied to the brush. Its interesting because you can watch it spread right after you brush it on. Really cool effect that I want to learn more because I am sure when proficient you could male it look almost exactly like real water color.


It does look cool to watch. Like watching paint dry - but in a good way! The "Water Evaporation Simulator 2018."

wow,nice job dear, I really love your colour combination, its really attractive and mind blowing.

keep it up dear.

Is that you


I don't think that portrait is @steemitadventure

Very good

Beautiful your work ;)

Did you actually draw that then if so you're a really good artist i can barely draw with a pencil let alone digitally.