The Oasis - Gustave Guillaumet

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Title: The Oasis
Artist: Gustave Guillaumet
Date: 1883
Media: oil on canvas
Dimensions: unknown
Collection: unknown


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Hello @lagiaguara, I post classic art that is in the public domain, and further I give attribution to the original artist, as well as provide basic details about the location of the original piece. I am here to share lost, unknown, and forgotten pieces of art with the community. I invite you to follow me and flag everything I do, because I am not stopping. Classical art is the heritage of humanity, it is our collective history and I believe everyone should have the ability to know it, see it and appreciate it. Great job on earning those flagging rewards, you are going to earn a small fortune from flagging all of my posts!

Ps. Enjoy the art too while you are flagging me!

@steem-gallery, it could be a great work if you were adding some original content, but you don't. Use your knowledge to add some information, maybe there will be a reason to promote your post.


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@lagiaguara let me make sure I understand your message to me:

  1. You are upset with me for posting and promoting content that is not my own.

  2. You admonish me to use my "knowledge to add some information"

  3. I need a reason to promote my post.

My responses to the components of your message:

  1. Have you ever been to an art gallery before? It is a deliberate collection of other people's art for the express purpose of exhibition, for which they charge an entry fee. Good museums also advertise themselves regularly to draw a better crowd. The art posted to my account is in the "public domain" meaning the intellectual property owners (the original artists) died over 100 years ago and no one owns the rights to these images.

  2. My guess is you have never set foot in an art gallery. When art is displayed in a gallery, only a placard of information is given: title, artist, date, and medium. This is deliberate. Art is not "information", art is an EXPERIENCE. When you stand in the presence of a piece of classical art in a museum, there is a hushed mood, people speak closely in whispers: this is to show respect for other people viewing the art with you, for they may be experiencing a delicate and beautiful sensation of wonder and awe that would otherwise be shattered by some buffoon yammering on in the background. Neither the original artists nor the curators of the museum are there to tell you how to look at each piece, what to think, what message the artist was conveying, how to feel, etc. The artists and curators are entirely absent. This is deliberate. Art doesn't need anyone to speak for it, art speaks for itself, and it has a different message, a different feeling for everyone. I have my own thoughts and impressions about the art I post, but I deliberately refrain from posting my thoughts, feelings, perceptions about the art (unless someone asks me for my thoughts specifically in a comment, but no one has). As my account name implies, I am a virtual gallery experience that attempts to mimic the real life experience of going to a fine art museum. Additionally a good percentage of the art I post is in "private collections" which are not publicly available to view at ANY museum.

  3. I need a reason to promote my post? How about this: I love art with a passion, I am an amateur art historian, and blogging art is my catharsis. Blogging art keeps the depression at bay, just ask Banksy. I do it because I feel wonder and awe, and I want to share that gift with others who are receptive. I refer you to the comment by @nandart here:, I treasure her comment because it is REAL, I feel it too, and the fact that she took to the time to express that to me means the world to me! (Thank you @nandart!!!)

So no, I will not cave to your shame game, I will continue to post and promote art that is not my own, and as I said before, feel free to flag everything I have posted, and will post, but be sure to take a moment to actually look and see what message the art tells you, because THAT is my reason for posting and promoting.

(Here @lagiaguara, so you understand the nature and context of the "just ask Banksy" comment:
"Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Banksy, circa 2014 [media: paint on wall])

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