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If you are a professional artist, household artist, or just a creative who likes to draw I'm sure you have run into problems of having your art exposed and seen by others. Through the art feed #stateofthearts we are hoping to bridge that gap between the artist and the community. We are going to provide an entertaining way to view art for the community as well as offer incentives for the artists and gives opportunities for exposure.

Our initiative breaks down into 3 goals

  • Connect more artists and their artwork with the community through the tag #stateofthearts art feed
  • Provide easy, effective, and profitable exposure for you our fellow steemians
  • Create a fun, exciting, weekly incentive to continually grow artist involvement on Steemit

How to get Involved

  • Its easy, simply use the tag #stateofthearts with any art post
  • Upvote, comment, and follow your fellow steemians! Our aim is to link artists in the community together!
  • Follow us @stateofthearts to view the compiled art on steemit
  • We will view your art and upvote ALL posts

Steemit Premier Art Sharing

  • Starting February 9th handpicked art will be featured in our premier art posts
  • Every Friday at 12:00 PM PST we will post our favorite art of the week
  • We love all creativity! From pencil drawings to ice carvings we encourage all forms of art


  • All art posted to #stateofthearts is automatically entered for a chance to be featured!
  • 50% of all Steem Dollars earned from our weekly "premier art" post will be sent to pay the featured artists!
  • The other 50% will be used as steem power to provide more influence and growth for the community
  • We here at State of the Arts are going a step further and will offer weekly "prizes" to featured artists
  • This weeks(Feb 9th) incentive is a vintage Star Wars The Last Jedi movie poster


©2018 State of the Arts All rights reserved.


Me gusta ese iniciativa, sin duda voy a participar y estar pendiente de ver los hermosos trabajos de muchos artistas.
I like that initiative, without a doubt I will participate and be aware of the beautiful works of many artists.

Looking forward to seeing your art!

Nice work on your site luzfermin. I'm going to follow you.

Being that I dabble in surfing a little, I love that surfer image.

Cool initiative! I'll participate... hopefully I can find a spot for the tag :D

Checked out your art. Very neat! So glad to see multimedia--audio and video--represented on stateofthearts too. Dig your voice and style.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

I look forward to checking out your blog. Following you :)

I've edited the tag into some of my recent posts, hope that counts ;)

So, to be clear on the displaying and "contest" details, for starters, all art will feed on #stateofthearts, right?

Then, from there, certain pieces will be selected to be featured on the stateofthearts site where the premier pieces will receive 50% of the Steem Dollars. Is this the case?

All art is posted to the feed! So feel free to browse #stateofthearts to see your art as well as other artists! upvote each other comment and support the community! Every Friday we will feature a few artists in our feature friday art post :)

Im looking forward for this 😊

And last but not least, I understand that the week's winner will receive a vintage Star Wars The Last Jedi movie poster.

Beyond that, what/where exactly are the Premier art posts? Just trying to make sure I understand exactly how this StateoftheArts incentive runs. Again, glad to be a part of this. I'm also trying to get a feel for how SteemIt works in general.

Did I forget anything?

The premier art posts begin February 9th. Along with 50% of steem dollars we here at state of the arts are going to offer weekly incentives for the featured artists. This week being the vintage Star Wars The Last Jedi movie poster.

I really like your publications, they are very good,

thanks for this chance, here is my entry :)

Great drawing! So to enter simply use the tag #stateofthearts on any art post you make on steemit! Then you can check the curation trail #stateofthearts to see all the art posted and you can comment/upvote your fellow artists!

a shame we can not resteem anymore...

Haha very true! Follow the blog close we have an announcement coming soon with an update on our initiative ;) feel free to resteem that one

I'll definitely join this! Thanks for commenting and inviting me :) <3

Awesome! Looking forward to all aspects of this concept!

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