Mr.M Art Contest #5 Week's Theme: Mythological Characters & Creatures

in art •  11 months ago

The huldra - a mythological creature from Scandinavia. I'm from Sweden, and so I grew up with the Swedish version of the legend, which basically is - a lone man happens to be near a forest, a long time ago. Maybe a hundred years, maybe many hundreds. He's there because he's passing by, or working there. In this age there were few people in Sweden, and many dark forests.
It's growing late, dusk is falling.

Suddenly he sees a pale naked form just inside the forest - a woman it seems. An incredibly beautiful and attractive woman, calling to him. He approaches. By some strange trick of the light it looks like the woman isn't coming any closer... in fact she's receding. Without turning, always keeping her front towards him.

Because if he could see her back, he would see that she's hollow, like a hollowed out or rotten tree trunk.

He speeds up, she keeps receding.

After a while he's lost in the forest, night falls, the woman disappears without a trace, and no one sees the man ever again.


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You are creative as usual! Always take us to the virtual world!

oohh, jag visste inte du är från Sverige :D
också jätte fin konstverk, jag tycker om mannens färger och nyanser


Tackar! :)
ja fodd i Australien, vaxt upp i Sverige. Fast nu bor jag i Malaysien. :)

Great and dramatic! Rather sinister the way you made the hollow back!

I made a huldra too some time ago, just a very fast sketch and more interested in the huldra as a forest guardian than as a seducer. In Denmark we also have similar story about seducing spirits: the ellefolk or elverfolk, living in the old burial mounds from the bronze age. I know that you have them in Sweden too, but does not know the exact stories.

Here is the sketch:

Great thing. Nice to See another single artwork besides the comic storyline


I wanted to keep the timeline pure comic so it would be easier to go back and forward, but I couldn't. :)

🎉 Congratulations @stahlberg! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


Thank you so much! I am honored! :D :D

You'd think they'd figure something was up with that kind of unnatural movement. Is that part of the spell perhaps? XD

There's something about that red handprint that adds that extra.


Interesting concept. I had never heard of it before. Good work!

Severe epos :-/