The Beauty Of Art!

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The word “art” is derived from the Latin ars, which originally meant “skill” or “craft.” These meanings are still primary in other English words derived from ars, such as “artifact” (a thing made by human skill) and “artisan” (a person skilled at making things). The meanings of “art” and “artist,” however, are not so straightforward. We understand art as involving more than just skilled craftsmanship.
Any artifact, as a product of human skill, might provide insight into the human condition. But art, in moving beyond the commonplace, has the potential to do so in more profound ways54436291_624981317914331_6715286070008741888_n.jpg
Art is designed to touch human emotions. That's usually the intent of creating art. So the artist creates art to emotionally touch people, in hopes that people will feel something or a certain way, so that they will react in a certain way, maybe often a social or political way.
Art can't have boundaries.It starts in a humans heart and brain and you can't tell anyone to stop thinking or creating the things he/she wants.
Once human beings have shelter and food, they need to fill they spare time with something to feed their soul. Art is the food for the soul. Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively in a certain place and time. Therefore, art is part of the culture.
Things were difficult, but nevertheless, they persisted. (as did Elizabeth Warren).


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