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did you ever get the answer

I'm just a little confused. Let's say I invest 1 SP. 90% is set to reinvest, 10% is my daily payout.

What is happening to my the 90%? Is TipU buying SP on a daily for itself (SP goes to @tipu) and delegating the SP back to me?

If I pull out my entire investment (and the compound interest), does TipU power-down the SP it's accumulated and give me back SBD?

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No idea why are you asking under this post but I can answer here ;)

90% stays in @tipU balance and is not used to power up. Instead in @tipU database your investment was increased.

If you make a refund, in @tipU database your investment is cancelled and the SBD/STEEM are send back to you.

So in general, investing/refunding are more like a virtual operations that are happening only in @tipU records (database).


Hi @cardboard! Here is your @tipU service user data:

  • deposit for sending tips and @tipU upvotes: 2.041 SBD
  • delegation status: 20.0 STEEM POWER delegated
  • investment status: 2.572 STEEM POWER invested: 2.572 STEEM and 0 SBD
  • pending payout: 0.011 SBD + 0.001 STEEM, next scheduled payout in: 4 hours
  • total @tipU STEEM POWER: 702051 | Your share: 0.0032% | Your reinvest ratio: 0%
  • voting status: active, profit will be increased with each vote :)
  • Profitability: 0.527 SBD + 0.049 STEEM (0.71 USD) per 1k SP delegated or invested, APR: 18.04% (data from yesterday)