Sound and Fury – Peace Angel

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Some events blow into storms and sweep into our consciousness without warning—and with such sound and fury—that all we want to do is dive for cover under the kitchen table.

These events may be political, or they may be social. Sometimes, the events in question are local. This doesn’t diminish their urgency, when they happen, nor does it diminish the fact that too many times we feel powerless in their wake.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have the answers. One thing that I do have, though, is perspective.

There are many things that need fixing. There are many injustices that need to be righted. There are many scorched souls that need to be salved.

How we go about tackling these things speaks not only about us, but the causes we care about. We all want to speak truth to power, but let’s do it in a way to build something better, not destroy what we have.

Since I want to end this message on a light-hearted note, I selected an angel to send your way. I have a lot of them about. It’s one of the perks of being a Creator. This angel represents peace. Think of her when you want to slug someone over their less than enlightened views. After all, we all have a choice—use a hammer to destroy or use a hammer to build.

I choose to build.

I choose peace.

Won’t you?

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

(c) Tessla Queen - All Rights Reserved. Posted with Permission


My (srunix88) commentary:

This post is from my wife's web site. (google "Peace Love and Little Creatures")
Jellybean Reds is her main character and her voice.
Jellybean tells about her world, which, at times closely resembles our own.

I am trying to talk her into creating her own account, but she is not sure if people on steemit would like it. So, she has asked me to occasionally post her work to see what people think.

I joined yesterday and as a tribute to her, I posted it today.

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