Mechanical Animals. A Steampunk themed drawing project.

8 months ago
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Mechanical Animals. Hand drawn steampunk themed animals. 

An ongoing series when I get the time. My Steampunk Animals are so fun to draw. Each one is given a name which usually means something to do with the animal in question. Have fun trying to find out where the names come from!!

Sir Charles Blumenbach the Steampunk Chimp. 

Fletcher the Steampunk Octopus.

Furritus The Steampunk Ferret

Roly The Steampunk Pigeon

Nathaniel The Steampunk Rat

Delphinius The Steampunk Dolphin

Sir Foxley-Norris The Steampunk Fox

Livingstone the Steampunk Elephant. 

Hope you like the series so far! Please let me know what you think. 

Steve Squidoodle Turner


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  ·  8 months ago

These are pretty amazing.

  ·  8 months ago

Thank you so much!

  ·  8 months ago

Love them, excellent work! Resteemed!

  ·  8 months ago

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)