"Let´s Rebel" - ArtRevlution on It´s Way -*Streetart/Graffiti/Stencil*

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Greetings all #Steemians & Friends,

in this day and age....
..... a revolution is needed !
Angry Donald is feed up by all the nonsense in cartoon-world.
Donald Duck - the always downbeat hero - can´t stand it no more,
he has to stand up to inequality , undemocratic system and the downsizing of the "little" man.

  • The revolution starts now ....
    .... ... .. we will rise as one !

  • We don´t need another ruler ....
    .... ... .. all of my friends are kings !

We will take the dollar -back from the Uncle Scrooge ! (see up coming post :)
And oh yeah - YES WE CAN (& will) !!!
At least with a spray can !
No more "Do what thou willst" for politicians & the big buck industrie.
Donald is a patriot, all painted in "red, white & blue"

this stencil artwork is done on a tile, using #MTN94 & #MontanaBlack colors



If you can find the time - you can visit me in my shop & atelier Thu-Fr 14.00-18.30 & Sa 11.30-17.00

#art4steem project :

I will be selling my #artwork for #steem or #steemdollar / #steempower
to raise the outside value of the #cryptocurrency & my own account ;)

Please #upvote & #resteem this blog to #support the effort.

  • DM me @spraychilled for #enquiries, #prices will be appropriate-
    See my blog for more details & information.
    You can always visit me in my store, located in 1020 Vienna, for personal impressions.

Love&Greetings to @all #steemians.


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You all have a great day !!!!


Humans believe in God it does not necessarily mean it is a cult.

Thank you , long time no see, nice that you found me again ;))

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I´m not proud, but i´m loud ;(bla) !!!

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