Using Islamic patterns to make spherical art

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I've been fascinated with Islamic architectural patterns since I first saw them. I like how the angles repeat and connect. Following the those angles around with your eyes can put you into a meditative state, which might be why they are most often found in mosques.
Here's an example:cordoba-182842_960_720.jpg

I thought it might be fruitful to combine their geometry with that of the polyhedrons I use to make spherical art. The way I went about it was to break down the patterns to their smallest repeating components that would fit into a hexagon or a pentagon.
Here are three examples that I created after studying patterns I found online:

Then I mapped the patterns onto each of the facets of a hexagon sphere model in my 3D program..

Once they were applied to the sphere, I changed their mode to stencil. This made all the white space around the patterns transparent. Then I place a camera inside the sphere, looking out, and experimented with different lenses. Here are three examples:

The following images were made this way and colored in Photoshop:





This art was previously posted by me on Twitter and Instagram. Here are links to my accounts:

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Let me know what you think!


Thank you! It remains about 7-10 days

Thank you livvu! I like your dream catcher tatoo. Yes the three elements work together. How long does the henna remain visible?

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