"Aquarium" digital art, and some technical backstory

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I chose the title "Aquarium" because it felt like an underwater scene with sea grass and it has a shape that's fish-like! All of which was a surprise to me, and one of the rewards in this type of discovery/creative process. In this example of Spherical Art, I'm using the distorting qualities of spherical or VR lenses. One way to tell if an image has been made with those types of cameras is to see if the left and right edges of the image repeat. In this case they do. I could seemlessly tile this image left and right. Another nice quality of these kind of cameras is that they bend or create curves in the objects they capture.

This art was previously posted by me on Twitter at here and on Instagram at there

Below are some screen grabs of the sphere I'm using for this image:

This is the model with the surfaces visible:

The same model in wire frame mode, so you can see the camera placed inside:

You might be saying to yourself, this doesn't look like a polyhedron! But it is. I took this modified polyhedron and stretched it out radially, in order to see if it would enhance the visual.

Additionally, I used a linear pattern, an arabic geometric design, and mapped it to the model's faces as a stencil, in order to get the linear quality in the final image. I'll write more about the arabic patterns I use in another post. Thanks for reading and I hope you find it interesting!

Here are links to my other social accounts:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/spherical_art
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sphericalart

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