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The idea of owning a house should go beyond just having a place you call "my house". It must be more than just "my house ", 

  • it must be a home with functional facilities! 
  • It must meet the total comfort requirements! 
  • It must represent the class in which you belong! 

Taking these three things into consideration, we architects design homes for clients. 

Functionality: A building that functions as it is intended is the underpinning of a quality "whole" building. ... Analyzing the building structural concept, i.e. structural grid, dimensions, and floor-to-floor heights that allow for flexibility in internal layouts.

Source: https://www.wbdg.org/design-objectives/functional-operational

TEC(Total Environmental Comfort) : your house must meet this criteria for it to be called a home. The concept of TEC is about designing buildings in such a way that what you feel when you go under a tree away from the hot sun should be the same when you go inside your house! TEC is obtainable when you consider the thermal comfort. 
Having a windward and a leeward windows could meet this criteria.  Also having provision for a heater in the house could also meet this criteria. These will act as a solution for the hot and cold weather conditions  
The idea behind class is about aesthetics!  What does your house look like? What should it look like? 

I will talk about that in my next post.

Keep in touch!



God bless you! 


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