Glass Pendant 2

in art •  last year

This is another pendant I made back in 2014. This one is extremely unique as it was the result of a color experiment. While working with a technique called silver fuming, where you melt silver and cover the glass in the fumes of the melting silver, I was able to capture the blue color in the center of the this pendant. This was after using a green and yellow transparent color with hints of red which holds the swirl pattern on the foreground. The result is a beautiful peacock feather pattern that looks amazing in direct sunlight.

If you like this pendant or would like to see some of my other work, this pendant and others are for sale in my Etsy shop:


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That is really cool and does look like a peacock's feather! I would love to see your process photos or video (if any) in your future posts. Very interesting stuff ;)


Thanks! If you follow my blog I will be posting some videos if the future!


Great to hear that. Do tell us more. I am sure the rest of Steemians would love to read about it :)

It looks like, that in there is the universe. :)


Thank you! I really appreciate the support


You are welcome :) I try soon more to come :) I see your pages is very small .