Glass Implosion Turtles!

in art •  last year

I made these turtles as a gift for my partner and thought I'd share them. These turtles take the same basic ideas behind implosion pendants but add a few small sculptural elements to give them some life. I had a lot of fun making these and found the implosion pendant style to be a nice play on the traditional turtle shell. Eventually, I mounted them with some glue on a small piece of wood and they now hang in our home.


As you can see from the leaves in the picture the turtles are actually quite small. This angle also helps reveal how the curvature of the clear glass magnifies the imploded color inside.
FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Like most glass art, I think these look best in direct sunlight; the way the light refracts through the piece makes for really nice shadows.

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Thank you!

Truly incredible work, how long have you been doing this ?


Thanks man! On and off for about 3 years. Its a ton of fun but a little expensive to do.

They're beautitul. You're very talented, good luck here.



Thank you so much!