Photo Remixes. Soulturtle's awesome drawings photo hacked.

in art •  last year

In an effort to make steemit a perpetual lovewave machine powered by creativity and spirit, I've offered to collaborate with other steemians. Soundwaves or Photons.

Today I've got a few remixed and photo hacked art by the awesome @soulturtle. He said he had some trippy drawings and asked if I could do something with them. As soon as I saw them I was excited. I love the way this guy draws.

These were the pieces he sent:








Psychedelic and Surreal. Perfect.

Here are my photon remixes. Hope you enjoy :)




















I'm splitting the SBD payout of this post with @soulturtle. You should check him out, he's doing really amazing stuff in the hills of India.

Thanks for stopping by. Infinite Lovewaves.


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This came out so great. I knew it would be a good colab, but seeing my doodles elevated to the next level is so exhilarating! Good job man, and here's to more colabs and making steemit a perpetual lovewaves machine as you so eloquently put.


Thank you dude, keep drawing these awesome psychedelic pieces. Infinite Lovewaves for ya.


They aren't doodles! I have some friends like you who think they are not artists and they call it doodles.. call it what you want i guess, but you have a good eye for visual balance and you use a lot of imagery that resonates in the unconscious mind. Keep drawing all the time, this is awesome.

WOW! I've been missing @soulturtle at art parties but this has to be one of my favourite collabs!!! LOVE what the two of you have done. Can't get enough of this.


Aww, I've been missing art parties too! Sounds is just awesome though. Maybe we need to look into digital art parties?


Thank you so much, @soulturtle's art is trippy. I'm glad he let me hack them haha. Art parties ftw :)

Great art! That's some great inspiration for styling a wall in my new studio/office :)


Nice. Make it psychejazzadelic yo haha

i like these better than my photos. nice collab!


I really liked yours too! It's different, not any better or worse. The best thing though is this spirit of collaboration. So awesome what we can come up with together.


I like them all equally. I'm glad you 2 let me mess around with your photons.

$cookie @torico


Those are dope!


Love your work brotha, I resteemed :) You should write numbers and let people vote for the best art!


Great idea man haha


Thanks man :)

Wooooo I am sooo going to check him out! Loving most of these pieces!


This is awesome @soundwavesphoton. Simply AWESOME. The fractals like images pulled from the artwork is cool looking. Great job to both of ya.


Hey a friend is looking for people to donate art, if he gets enough pieces, he's thinking of holding an exhibition


Tell your friend that they are awesome.

Mind blown! I have been really enjoying @soulturtle's blogs. In one of his blogs I have seen, he mentioned you helping him on some projects. This is something more I would like to follow, Thank you for sharing! You guys make a good team.


Yes! It's my goal to have at least one mind blown a day haha

The artwork was pretty trippy to start with, and you made it even more trippy! Impressive stuff!


Thanks for checking em out :

It seems like whenever I really like something I lack anything intelligent to say. But i really like this. I think my fave is the heart - mouth one .. because duh i am heart obsessed. Once again I want to know the app you are using ! :) and @soulturtle I really like your drawings !!


Awesome! I used an app called mirror lab for these. Check it out it the best and here, have some more hearts:


Sparkle heart made of sparkle hearts!

I'm not sure how to refer to the ones that you did, but I love the one that looks like a 3-D ball floating above the buildings. The originals are amazing and it's really cool to see what you were able to do with them. I like that you used 'psychedelic' as a tag because that is definitely the word. Thanks for sharing these!


Oh yeah I love that one too, the drawings and the darker areas created a nice 3d effect. Thanks for checking em out :