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Hello to the entire steemit community, I hope you had a beautiful carnival, here I bring you the process of coloring Ladybug with a realistic style. I hope you like the process.

First I made a sketch with a HB pencil
the color is done with the papermate colored pencils


for the shades use the black color mixing it with the red color in a soft way so that it is even

For use of ultramarine blue hair,
navy blue, sky blue and black apply it from the darkest to the lightest, forming lines in the direction where the hair is directed.

the shading of the face use dark brown, siena coffee and pale pink


Here the final result I hope you like it and may God bless this community


Colored pencils papermate
HB Pencil
Common cardboard

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Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to appear in this wonderful magazine.

Hola @ soulkanzart! me alegra y me siento muy feliz, fuimos ganadores de una accion SBI, por seleccion de los jueces, y te ganastes otra accion en el sorteo aleatorio, te felicito, sigue participando tendras oportunidad de crecer poco a poco, un abrazo.


Thanks also congratulations and a hug

Me encanto este dibujo, esta precioso, lastima que ya hice la publicacion del concurso.