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Hi all good morning to the community of steemit I could not upload content often since the situation in my country is increasingly difficult with the electrical blackouts and the fall of the internet at this time a little energy comes and I'm uploading this content on my cell phone

It is a drawing of Ariana Grande already has time but I wanted to see it hahaha I hope you like it

first I made a sketch with HB pencil


For the gradient of gray, use pencil 2B and 3B to make it look even, smoothly pass a cotton and apply the same technique all over the face and body, always in a circular way, so that they are smooth and calm.

This is the final result in the hair use black color pencil 6B and a little charcoal


I hope you like the final result.

HB pencil, 2B, 3B and 6B
Black color
White sheet


Good work on this portrait. I hope the situation in Venezuela gets solved soon.

I hope the bloody American Government doesn't grab the opportunity to screw up yet another country. They've already made a giant mess in the Middle East and Africa. Are they not satisfied yet? Are they going to do the same to South America now?

Thank you very much in these coming days I will try to upload a new drawing with a video included waiting for you to have no electrical fault really apologize if I miss a lot just that the current situation of the country is becoming more difficult

Regarding the United States, let's hope they do not do anything wrong against the country. I hope that with God's favor, everything will be solved. You should always have the support not only internally in the country, but also all the countries that support us. we always support several countries and whenever a stranger came we accept it as if we knew it for a long time so we have a guinness record of 2009 as the happiest country in the world

Thank you once again @trincowski for supporting my art and understanding the situation of the country greetings and a big hug

Soon I will bring new art.

beautiful indeed, I love the end result. Good luck with all those blackouts :)

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