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RE: The Art of Living, 1967 by Rene Magritte

in #art6 years ago

I don't get it. Is it a commentary on the egoism of our society? Man is filled with hot air? Is it a depiction of the mind sepating from the reality of the physical world, when inflated by echoes of his own thought?


Thats the beauty of this classic! It makes you think!

Yes, that is definitely true. I am still thinking about it. A series of blogs can be dedicated to exploring just this one piece.

Nice thoughts, I think Magritte always did his art to let you start thinking, so everybody should have their own meaning to extract from it. Thanks for your comment! :)

Our thinking is expressed by our left brain, and this piece is definitely a right brain stimulant. I have been thinking until now, maybe, I need to stop linear, reductionist analysis and let the right brain engage.

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