CryptoCurrency to the Moon

in art •  2 years ago

Dear Astronauts,

It is time we realise our mission;
Head this call, all you coin enthusiasts upon our planet Earth.
We shall come together, as we march towards the SpaceStation.
We shall tackle this journey, as we board our Rocket.
We shall achieve success in reaching our goals - to the Moon and beyond.

Together we stand as one.

To all my mooners, this is for you.

SS Rep

[A SpaceStation inspired background for all cryptocurrency fans]
Join if you will to our lovely discord:

If you enjoy the artwork, please do use it as your backgrounds!


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Thank you <3

Sonia - the most valuable of coinz, excellent graphic!


Haha :D

Surprised at the quality Sonia. Thanks for the contribution!

crypto to the moon ... i like to think about it :D

That discord is really good o:

Nice article! I have upvoted your post, can you help me to upvote my post too? Thanks

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