First drawing after a 7 year break from art. Can you guess who it is?

in #art7 years ago

As many of you know, the struggles of life can get in the way of us pursuing our passions. I used to love art but, found that I no longer had that the time for it once I left school. Before long, I had forgotten I even once enjoyed it so much. This is the first drawing I done after a long break from portraits. I clearly have a ways to go to recover all of my neglected skills but, if you are able to guess who it is then that shall be motivation enough to continue getting better. Would anyone care to take a guess?

On a secondary note aimed at anyone that is familiar with my work on here, I have decided to start taking suggestions on what subjects, news stories or articles that you would like to see executed in a satirical fashion. I am already working on a new piece but, once that is finished I will be happy to take any ideas the community has to offer and present to you in a way that can hopefully inspire some laughs. So, don't be shy of asserting your suggestions if there is anything you would like to see a humorous twist on. Have a nice day, Steemers-


Yess. That is who it is. Though, she typically doesn't have blonde hair. The image I used as a reference was one from Fantastic Four, I believe.

Do something satirical of JarJar Abrams or Disney. I want to print that face out and punch it each day for destroying Star Wars.

You're going to hate me but, I have never actually watched Star Wars. Lol. I am actually a movie lover as well but, I couldn't really get into it..
Disney sounds very interesting though. There is a lot of esoteric knowledge surrounding Disney and it's creator, so it could be both funny and informative to incorporate some of that into a piece. Thank you very much for the great suggestion.

If you ever want to watch SW... watch only the original 3 (77-83'). Everything else is BS. Esp. the new ones.(I already read episode VIII script, awful)
Rip Disney a new one, plz :D

I believe it was episode I or II to that I first attempted to watch and decided it wasn't for me. So if the originals are a lot better I may have to go back and check them out.
The Disney issue is as as serious as it is sinister, so I definitely intend to.

I am not good at celebrity names as I am somewhat disconnected, but the skill shown is clearly saying for you to continue, nice work.

@son-of-satire, it looks like ivanka Trump to me. Thanks for sharing.

I just looked her up. It is quite similar. However, it was Jessica Alba, someone above already guessed it. Thank you though.

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