My first painting since high school!

in art •  4 months ago

Tonight I went to a 2 hour painting session with Life with Paint. This was my first time painting with a class like this. Unfortunately it was too crowded and the teacher didn't really know how to teach so I was a bit disappointed. I really like northern lights and animals so when I saw they had this painting I decided to sign up to learn how to paint it.

The bears were hard to draw and the Aurora as well. I wish I had more time to finish the painting and that the paint brushes the supplied were newer and better.

But going from nothing to something was a good feeling.


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Thank you!

Good first try after so many years. I like it. Wonderful job.


Thanks for the encouragement

The bears are cute. Good job!


I loved your work, @snooway
It turned out very original.
Bears are delicious.
Kind and cute )

I wish you new achievements and success in your work!


Bears are cute. I like them. Thank you for the kind words

I would be really chuffed with myself if I painted this


Awww. Thank you. I am sure you could do better.