My First Doodle Art

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Yesterday was a boring day for me. I don’t have my class and didn’t went anywhere, I just stayed at home the whole day. That’s why I thought of something to do to make myself occupied despite the boredom. Last Tuesday, there was a doodle art competition for our Students Fest. For those who are not familiar with doodle arts CLICK HERE. I actually wanted to join the competition, unfortunately, I haven’t tried doodling. I will be a sure loser if I pursued it. Hehe. Anyway, I was inspired to try this form of art. I had all the time in the world yesterday, so I took a shot.


Fast forward >> I was almost halfway done here. Still have plenty of space, so I need to add more.


The whole thing is looking better, although I am not yet satisfied. I’m still figuring out what to do next from here.


I decided to put life on the Steemit word, so I colored it. Color blue gives enough emphasis of the word.


I paused for a minute and decided to cover the free space below. I also put the word TOONS. I think it’s cool, you think it’s cool too? It was just like the Looney Toons. Steemit TOONS sounds good to me. Now, this is basically the finished product.


I took this photo from a different angle, it’s clearer and has a better color.


Selfie with my first ever doodle art. You may notice few familiar cartoon characters here, but the rest are all original.

Please rate my work from 1 to 5 STARS. You can also give your suggestions. Negative comments are very much welcome. Hehe.

Thank you for dropping by everyone!


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Awesome art

Wow! You are really great in terms of Art.

Thank you so much guys!

Beautifully done.