Lessons of Beginner Magician (lesson Apophysis) - 4

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I continue to study program Apophysis and to tell you that I was able to understand.
I will tell today of some parameters (plugins) and I will show, as they influence the form of the fractal.

We for the beginning will create new flame. And we at once will change values «Adjustment».


Scale – increase scale of the fractal.
Gamma and Brightness – fractal brighter will be made.
After we will replace these values. But at the time of work more convenient to have a more large scale and more bright colours.

Let's start.
The first triangle has been already created. Value linear = 0. Create circle. I will not apply other plugins, but julian so that be easier to understand, as fractal is formed.


Create the second triangle. We will study, as acts plugin disk.


Let's will experiment and we will look up that it is possible to receive from this base. Is applied secret combination:


We will add more weight to the first triangle: weight=3


From received form it is possible to create a new Galaxy.

For it we will create the third triangle. Value linear = 0, specify parameter blur 3d and diminish weight a little (degree of influence to fractal). It will add fogs to our Galaxy. We will move triangle to right.


Return in «Adjustment» and increase scale, as well as to specify angle of inclination:


Is applied Colours calculation.


Here so it is easy you can create a personal Galaxy. : )

Replacing plugin julian, we will receive entirely other pictures:


julian replaced with julia3d

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Nice! Fasten your seat belts before going into hyperspace 8)))

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