How To Turn Your Old Jeans Into A Pen Holder

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While cleaning up my closet earlier, I found several old and unused jeans that are heavily torn. I usually make it as a rag, but this time, a bright idea came up. Why not use those pockets as Pen Holders?

How to Turn Your Ripped Jeans Into a Pen Holder.jpg

I usually put my Art materials, specifically those sketching pencils and sign pens in a container, but having an importunate five-year nephew is so hard. He managed to sneak some of my personal belongings out of the room and scattered it everywhere. But now, they're for his eyes only.


You can actually do this at home! Allow me to share the process with you. But before anything else, be ready with the following materials:


old and unused jeans, styrofoam, cardboard, cutter, used shirt, yarn, glue, glue stick, pins, and scissors

Love ina cup!.png

First, take away those old and unused jeans from your closet. Just be sure you're not going to regret before ripping those garments off. Cut those pockets carefully including its back portion.

Love ina cup! (1).png

Make the back support of your hanging pen holder. Cut a portion of a styrofoam depending on your desired size and shape and back it up with a cardboard or a hard board for further support. You can cover it with an old and unused shirt or with a plain colored paper.

Love ina cup! (2).png

This step isn't necessary but you can still add side linings to cover up those messy side attachments.

Love ina cup! (3).png

You can now attach those cut pockets over the back support using a gluestick or superglue. For additional support and design, you can use pins on the sides.

Love ina cup! (4).png

Weave the pen holder's handle using yarns. You should consider the weight of the things that you will be putting into. Otherwise, you will find yourself picking those pens from the ground. The heavier the load is, the thicker the handle should be.


There it is! It's already finished in just an hour or less!


Let me put those pens on!

Always remember, you don't have to spend on costly things all the time! Look around you and bring those futile materials into life.

Creativity will surely save you a lot!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope this little tutorial already gave you an idea on how to maximize your old and unused jeans!

Much love,




A creative and resourceful way to make used of old jeans.
Thank you for sharing @smaeunabs. Looking forward for more soon.... Bless you!

yay! thank you po kabayan @dante01! God bless po!

I love to apply this 3Rs in my life (Reuse, repair, recycle) but when it comes to relationships, I only use 1R and that is Repair.

Kidding aside, jeans when worn out pretty bad, it can definitely be used to build new things such as what you mentioned on this post. Meanwhile, I turn it into a bag, running mat, mat for my plants, stylish rug, designed it as a new tshirt, and a lot more.

Ikaw talaga yung lodi ko when it comes to transforming things in wonders.

Creativity - 100%

Keep it up @smaeunabs! Two thumbs up for your DIY!!! Let's spread the knowledge of Art with real quick procedures.


thank u so much @lulletmatz! isa ka sa mga nagpa inspire sa akin to do this. :D

Aweee. └(★o★)┐ hoping that someday, we could organize stuff together especially in @steemph.cebu events, @smaeunabs!!! ~(^з^)-☆

I was actually thinking for an outreach program where we teach the children with basic Arts. I think it will leave some imprints to those kids who have the potential to become artists. It will help them cultivate their hidden Picasso. What do you think?

yay ka nice dai..good job!sorry sa imong pag umangkon who can't reach them na!

hahahaha thanks ate!

lodi najud tika shei. haha

salamat kaayo ser hahahaha

Good use of old jeans liked it a lot and s it's creative too but if any one who feel like you're not going to do any thing with your cloths than please help the homeless by providing them these things or if you can you may buy new one it really feels great.

I actually separated some of it since I will be giving those to a friend who collects clothes for the people whose house were recently eaten by fire. I only used the badly worn ones.

Thank you so much for dropping by @sulav :D

Its very nice of you @smaeunabs . The work is appreciated.And thanks for the reply.

thank you so much @sulav!

Very creative and resourceful @smaeunabs! I'll share this with my sister who has a lot of unused pants. :)

yay lodi @legendaryll noticed me! thank you so much for dropping by! ;)

Wow. Very creative and resourceful! You truly have the traits of an engineer! You go girl 😉

hahahah we find ways. thank you soo much @pamdejesus!

creativity and frugality... applause kabayan..

thank you soo much kabayan @jezmacher!

Wow shei very creative, hopefully you can bring examplea of the DIY jeans to pen holder maybe we xan have business like this hhee..

Thank youuu ate! Yay another business idea! Sounds interesting :D

Very clever! Thanks for sharing this life hack @smaeunabs! :))

thank you sooo much @emmanuelle23! :D

hahahaha salamat @anmari. nadala ra sa edit :D

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